In Search Of

Today I contemplate secret matters.  Private thoughts beginning to take shape in my mind.  That after all these years I would want to break away to find more inspiration.  To paint and write in a place of ambiance.  These walls close me in, just as the bars on a tigers cage.  The place I believed to be a haven of home has wrought my compliance and stilled much of my creative self.  Our Nation’s Capitol is like a stranger to me now.  People are gone and the new ones are so different.  It is an unfamiliar place … with a cold heart.  Everyone scurrying about in order to exist; trying to eek out a living and to hold on to their fading dreams.  The party’s over and it’s time to pack my bags and search for a place where I shall once again be treasured.  A place whereby my mind and heart will blossom like a spring flower.  A green valley with gentle rivers and relaxed artisans.  A place where food is a dinner to be appreciated and shared.  Just like a wonderful bottle of wine.  To be continued …


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