Happy Birthday Charlie!

Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday To You

Happy Birthday Dear Charlie

Happy Birthday To You!

Hey man this baby is ready to light up.  Baked Alaska for your celebration.  The inside is filled with chocolate, vanilla and strawberry ice cream.  The cake layers and surroundings are in the shape of a boat.  Our Chef prepared this delightful creation and as you can see his piping of the meringue is exquisite. One can almost taste it.

My good friend Charlie is one of those, one-of-a-kind men, that after you have been introduced, you’ll never forget.  He has that quiet, soft humored, cultural dignity that comes from being a perfect gentleman.  Along with our good friends, Victor and Jim, they all three possess this same gentle trait.

We all met back when I was turning seventeen and that summer was one to remember.  Charlie, Victor, Jim, Bernadette, Peggy, Mike, Suzanne and I spent many fun times together.  You know, the times you share a dinner, a smoke, a drink of beer and intoxicating deep conversations.  Great music was forever being played over the radio and on the record player.  There was never a shortage of talented bands and artists back then.

Those summer days and many good times that we all shared over the years are treasured memories.  And keeping in touch is always a treat.  Happy birthday my dear friend.  Many happy returns.


4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Charlie!

  1. Wow! that looks absolutely yummy! Thanks for remembering, as you always do… Yes, those were the days. A much simpler time, a much more relaxed pace. And a very close-knit group of friends that enjoyed being together. Time and distance may seperate us, but the bonds of friendship endure… Peace, my friend…

  2. Charlie, Sometimes I wonder if those times were dreams. Todays fast-paced madness makes my body vibrate with a higher frequency / hum. Relaxation isn’t the same anymore. Thanks for your truest friendship. Love you always! 🙂

    Daisy, Darling girl, you are always so thoughtful and sweet. 🙂 I’ll be right over.

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