Pissed Off Tuesday

There are certain people in this life that think they are above it all.  That means superior to the likes of you and me.  They seem to have a need to debate a subject, just for the sake of it.  I secretly believe that they do this to have conversation, or in order to stir things up.

Writing is best done whilst in a chair as it is easier to type this way.  However, after doing the wordsmith tango with a few of these instigators, I find that my temperature and temper starts to rise.  There comes a time when I could explode and reach through my monitor to squeeze their throats.  Just a wee bit, you understand.  Wouldn’t want to ever injure anyone, just stress my point … that not everyone thinks the way you do and that sometimes being an jerk is off-putting.

This photograph expresses the inner turmoil I sometimes feel when going head to head in these talks.  Like it is time to blast off and leave Earth for a time in order to find my sweet self.  I have no need to apologize for feeling this way, but I was raised to reflect a sunny disposition.  I suppose Sunny will be back tomorrow.  Time to blast off!

This morning I was using a tool to break a pill in half.  The plastic shield that covers the sharp razor slid down and I thought to pull the plastic back into position.  Unfortunately for me, I jammed my thumb into the razor’s edge and sliced into it really well.  OUCH!   Wasn’t my first thought and it took a good while to stop the bleeding and to try and keep pressure on it while attempting to wrap it and tape it with clear packing tape.  Afterward, I had to sit around holding my hand above my heart and applying pressure.  I guess it is time to cook dinner because my tummy is hungry.


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