Melancholy Mondays

Sometimes I drift into the world where there is only happiness and beautiful food.  Creating something delicious for others to appreciate and enjoy is one of the finest gifts I have had the pleasure to feel.  Unlike working in an office and the report you have been compiling for weeks is finally finished, food is an avenue whereby we can see, smell, desire, taste and be comforted by its blended complexities.

For those of you who have always wanted to produce quality foods, check your local listings for classes held by chefs that specialize in the types of cuisine you love the most.  Sign up for a few classes and gather with other cooks to watch demonstrations and hopefully, join in the chef presentations.  After a few classes, some teaching facilities will accept volunteers for upcoming classes.

The reason for todays title is that I really miss culinary school.  It was intense but every student had the same goals in mind.  There was a comraderie there that one will never find in professional kitchens.  That is … unless you are one of the very lucky few who tap into an environment that truly cares about their people, customers and especially the quality of their food.  Perhaps opening a school, on a small scale, would be worth my looking into.  Mainly I am interested in creating and working with very harmonious people.


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