What Did I Think About McCain’s Speech Last Night?

Here is my response to this question:

Oh my. I am a sucker for a heartrending story. When they showed pictures of his military grandfather, father, him as a P.O.W., lying there, all hurt, my heart went out to him. What a softy I am. His cooing delivery lured me in, like a hypnotic victim. His family and their smiling faces produced the same warm gushy feelings in me. I began believing that … “Hey, maybe he isn’t so bad after all.” 

Then the phone rang and it startled me out of my stupor. After a few minutes on the phone with a friend, who needed us to drive to rescue her; her auto wouldn’t start, I went back to the T.V. and hit the pause button to restart. 

Now … I was listening with fresh ears and seeing with a more focused perspective. McCain reintroduced his VP pick and everything came rushing back. “NO! NO! NO!” My brain screamed. They might be good people and great family members, but they, as a team are not what our country needs. We need a brighter tomorrow, not simply a really secure one for the very wealthy. So, his speech was very good. I almost bought it. I’m glad I woke up!


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