Cherry Mirroir Cake

Resembles The Pentagon and has a shiny glazed topping.  A jaconde layered with raspberry jam.  The jaconde cake was soaked with dark rum syrup, prior to the jam and the assembly.  Assembly consists of cutting cake into four sections, (leaving one layer for the bottom.)  Spritz with rum simple syrup.  Then spread jam on the remaining three and stack one atop the other.  Cut strips about 3 to 4 inches wide and press into place.  Filling is cherry mousse with a cherry mirroir finish.  Chill and let set prior to serving.

Cake / Jaconde / Mona Lisa

8 large eggs
2 yolks
6 oz 10 X sugar sifted
8 oz almond flour
2 oz A. P. flour
2 oz butter melted (100º jiggled)
6 oz egg whites
2 oz sugar ——————–> French meringue, medium to firm but not stiff

1) Beat eggs and yolks.
2) Sift dry together and set aside.
3) Add dry to mixer, cover, high speed for ten minutes.
4) Make French meringue medium and firm.
5) Fold into batter, light into heavy, heavy into light.
6) Prepare pans 1 and !/2 sheet pans.  Thumb edges.  Either sil pat with pate a cornet or greased with parchment paper and floured.

Bake 400º to 450º 8 to 10 minutes.  Remove cake from pans immediately and from sil pats.

Bavarian Cherry Mousse

2 c cherry puree
5 sheets gelatin bloomed
2 c heavy cream whipped bavorios

1) Heat puree over steam bowl 190º to kill the enzyme.
2) Add gelatin and strain.
3) Fold in bavorios.

Glaze or Mirroir

1 oz fruit puree (cherry heat in bowl over steam to 190º to kill enzyme)

1 oz water, 1 oz sugar, 1 sheet gelatin (bloomed)

Shiny, smooth, transparent and without bubbles.  Pour over top of cake.

Rum Simple Syrup

2 cups water

2 cups sugar

————–  heat to boil and then pour in rum.

1 cup dark rum


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