All American Brownies

All American Brownies

Room Temperature:
13 oz butter softened
25 oz sugar
10 large eggs
1 T vanilla
11 oz A.P. flour
5 oz cocoa powder
1/2 t salt
10 oz walnut chunks

1) Cream butter and sugar in mixer, add vanilla.
2) Add eggs two at a time.  Blend well.  Save two eggs.
3) Sift flour, salt and cocoa a few times to blend together.
4) Alternate egg and dry ingredients to mixer a little at a time.  Pulse and then blend.
5) Add nuts.
6) Spread batter in the half sheet pan.  Buttered, floured and parchment paper.

Bake 350º to 375º 25 to 30 minutes.  Out of oven turn upside down and glaze with 1:1 ganache and chill.  A few hours later pour second glaze, cut 1″ square brownies.

Brownie Glaze

This is a 1:1 (equal parts) ganache`

12 oz heavy cream
12 oz 50% semi-sweet chocolate chopped

1) Cream heated just to a boil
2) Temper chocolate and blend
3) Double glaze brownies


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