Mickey Mouse, Walt, The Polar Bear and Drugs

Since I haven’t been well lately and have had to have drugs every few hours, I decided to look about my studio and find some special individuals to show you. We have Mickey Mouse in his original costume and also in his wizard’s attire. Walt is a polar bear.

I absolutely love soft stuffed characters. As a child I only had the hard, rough type and the teddy bear I stole from my brother, named Bert, held a startled expression. I must add that Bert saw me through many a night.

Walt is mine and the two Mickey’s we are saving for my nephew and his bride, for when the babies come. We’ll have to wait until they are ready and in the meantime they can hang out in our studio.

I think it’s time for a nap. The pain medication 100 mg capsule dosage is 3X per day. I took one yesterday and had camera views of my world and everything outside the camera’s lens was out of focus and blurry. Today, I took one capsule and divided it into three parts. Guess what. One capsule ÷ 3x is plenty of dosage for me. I feel slow and a bit loopy. Well please everyone wish me to get better as I have been under the weather for two weeks now and am weary of this situation. My birthday is a week from today and I hope to be recovered.  Cheers!


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