As a reward for saying at home whilst my husband toured Europe and the UK this past May, I decided I would purchase this painting of a beach scene.  I found myself drawn to the colors and the shading thereof, by the artist, which looks to be J. Holmes.  It is a bit hard to read the signature.  It sits up a little higher on the wall, above three tiered keyboards.  The upward tilt of my camera and my 5’4″ allowed me this slightly lopsided shot.  I did so wish to share my joy in the colors that I shrugged my shoulders when I noticed it wasn’t straight-on.

I find it easy to gaze into the sand and imagine the sound of the surf.  Perhaps I would enjoy a frozen drink and let the the ocean breeze cool me off.  Those cabanas look as if their occupants are sleeping off their party, from the evening before.


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