Look Where We Ended Up


Heavenly Destinations, originally uploaded by Theresa111.

Being the open minded readers I know you all to be, I have formed an hypothesis or two, or three about the beginnings of the universe, God’s temper, dreams and His on-going attempt to straighten things out.

Could we be here because of an argument? Could we be God’s dreams and in many instances, His nightmares? Naturally He sleeps. We’ve worn Him out.

I do have the courage “to go there,” that place some might call irreverence, but I was, as were we all, made in His image. He is the one that gave me this insatiable inquisitiveness to ask “why?” He is the one who gave me my sense of humor. He is the one who planned it all out. Or … did He?

What if we just happened one day, because of His thoughts or an in the heat of the moment, stupid gesture or a display of bad temper? Who really knows, but it is something to consider.

Let’s say that one day God became bored and decided to create something he had daydreamed about. Namely us. Because He is everywhere, but He is always supposed to sit on His throne, He is not able to break free to experience things a weaker being might go through. Perhaps He had an argument and threw an object, which broke into many kazillions (now that’s a lot) of pieces, which revolved around His heavenly place, to become living vessels of differing colors and beautiful attributes.

One day … He manifested everything of which He wanted, thought about, dreamed about. He wasn’t bored anymore. No sirree. He could live out every conceivable scenario through all of His beings, plant life, the insect world, animals, fish, birds and finally humanoids. He would never become bored again.

But who knew that we would get to have free will? How would He know that we would become so hard to handle … so very out of control?

Of all of the worlds out there, you and I ended up on planet earth. Many believe in reincarnation and since it seems very likely, look at all of the places we can journey to and keep God entertained. Unfortunately … we make Him sad when we do not behave.

It is an idea that I have been thinking about for years. What if we chose to act right and please Him. He would have better dreams, better days. Why do we not consider His feelings for a change?


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