Special Gifts


Honey Bee on my very own Sunflower , originally uploaded by Theresa111.

My sister told me that a friend of hers sees God’s love for her in a cute way. Whenever she espies a bright yellow VW Beetle she thinks to herself, “God Loves Me!” This secret meeting of hearts usually takes place on the highways and streets, in her hometown of Washington, DC, and the surrounding metropolitan area.

Liking the idea, my sister decided to adopt this fun reminder which seems to brighten days, reminding one that one is not alone and a quiet touching of the soul, whilst traveling through the daily muck and drudge of everyday life.

Lately, I too have been seeing yellow VW’s and the same thought is allowed to permeate my mind and drift downward toward my heart. “God Loves Me!” It feels good and offers a ray of hope. These cars seem to drive by at opportune moments, or when I need an uplifting of spirits.

Really though, I enjoy these private messages and rays of hope. They remind me of the spiritual being that I AM and that even though this world seems topsey turvey … we are all being observed. All of our actions, deeds and thoughts … aren’t going unnoticed.

Perhaps ten days ago I noticed tall stalks growing beside my bird feeder. They seemed strong and pretty, so I asked they not be whacked down, the next time the gardener came by. To my surprise I saw the beginnings of a green bulb at the tops of the stalks and it gave me pause to consider the possibility of a flower.

One of my very favorite movies is, “Under The Tuscan Sun.” There is a brief shot of a field of tall opened sunflowers and it makes me want to run through them and hug them ever so gently. They seem so serene and peaceful.

Thus, I was filled with happiness when I saw the stalk and pod brought forth this perfect and expressive sunflower. She has a sweet little honey bee caressing her and the birds think I have made their eating area very chic. I didn’t create it, I simply didn’t destroy it.

I feel God has shared a beautiful glimpse into His soul, whenever I stop and absorb His majestic art. My husband calls it living art and aptly so. I would wish we would all see the special gifts and appreciate them.

Thank you Heavenly Father for this special gift. I love you too.

Happy Birthday Domestic Minx!


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