Tiny Tragedy


Tiny Tragedy, originally uploaded by Theresa111.

Springtime 2008 brought a steady stream of tornado’s, high winds, lightening, hail, rain and house shaking thunder to the Mid-Atlantic region of the USA. One morning about two weeks ago, I went outside and found, to my dismay, this little unborn baby bird. Because the shell is a light blue I believe it is one of the robin red breast’s, which frequent our neighborhood.

I gently picked up this tiny fallen victim and brought the baby into my house. Placing the small body on a paper towel I quickly found my camera. It might seem a bit morbid to put death on display, but I am in fact celebrating the short lived development of one of perhaps hundreds of incubus that are storm victims. Silent they remain, unbeknownst to most of the world.

See how perfectly the bird is formed? There is purpose for all of us.  I wish that we would see this unique perfection in everything.

I buried the tiny bird on a bed of rose petals and said a prayer and finally placed a rose bud atop the small grave.


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5 responses to “Tiny Tragedy

  • whypaisley

    poor baby… some little bird,, i do not know what kind,, built a nest on top of my power box on the side of the house.. there are two tiny creme and brown speckled eggs in there,, and i am hoping beyond hope the raccoons or the cat doesn’t get to the eggs or the babies…

  • Daisy the Curly Cat

    It is very sad that he never had a chance to get borned. Sometimes nature is hard.

  • Sam

    One night, a storm raged over our town. It was beautiful: the high winds shrieked around my house and twisted in the trees; the rain hammered the roof and the door and the windows, yelling to be let in; and the thunder blasted our ears with lightening spitting at its heels. Despite the terror and awe the storm evoked, I continued my activity.

    Then my little sister, the youngest of three, ran to me and asked desperately, “What about the baby birds? What about the baby birds?”

    At the front of our house, a tree, planted only a year ago, shook. Framed by a large window, I could see a nest shake along with it. The wolf, I reflect now, may not be after the three little piglets but a few baby birds..

    Today, the nest is still there. I don’t dare look in it–just in case. If they survived, they’re probably flying. If they didn’t, well, I’ll say they’re flying somewhere higher. Such is nature, I tell my little sister.

    (Such a long reply. Sorry. Wanted to share a storm bird story with you)

  • Theresa111

    Paisley, Little One, just keep praying over them and placing a protective barrier around them.

    Daisy, Yes, darling. Nature is hard and hopefully the tiny bird was completely unaware.

    Hello Samantha, This story is wonderfully written and I understand your not wanting to peer inside the nest.

    When we are safe inside sometimes we forget to think of the others who are outside all of the time.

  • Daisy the Curly Cat

    I wanted to say Happy Birthday, Bobby! There is a little something on it’s way to you, but it is not scheduled to arrive until Tuesday.

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