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Have You Ever Milked A Cow?

I have a soft memory of being a youngster and reaching out to touch the cow’s udder. It was full with milk and so incredibly soft. Her fur was like a whisper of a powder puff. I did squeeze my fingers around the protruding nipple, in an unlikely and halfhearted attempt to get milk. The waiting can below did not reflect any sounds of liquid splashing into the white contents. So I stopped the motion because I was afraid I might hurt her. The cow’s big brown eyes seemed to smile at me. Whoever had been milking her said it was all right and then proceeded to relieve the cow from her fullness. 


5 thoughts on “My Response To …

  1. She thinks it will upset my tummy. Anyway, I eat special prescription foods because I had an operation to scoop out a bunch of bladder stones. Now I eat Hills C/D only. We asked the vet last week, and she said I will have to eat that food for life!

    I hope you can visit my blog on Friday to see me in my fancy new top. And Frog the Dog!

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