Storm Destroyer

Storm Destroyer, originally uploaded by Theresa111.

For the fourth time this week, I am huddled down in the basement area of our recording studio. Having to catnap the kitties from their snooze, they did not like being thrown together, with the door shut in their faces, while Mama Teesa ran around up, up to the third floor to find more sleeping beauties.

I ended up with most of them and they watched me furiously checking the AM radio stations for live feed, but only getting static or sports news. I watched the laptop screen of our Apple as the Doppler live radar feed kept repeating the line of storms heading for us. I had heard one news commentator say they had never seen the likes of the line of storms, tornado warnings, and high winds, as those which were coming our way.  60 miles an hour in a steady eastbound direction. Right through Washington, DC and into Maryland.

I still hear deep thunder and our house was shaken a few times by the deep rumblings of the fast moving storm clouds. I prayed we will be spared, but I understand there are more storms on the way. Great … more scary moments to get through.

On the Weather Channel they said the middle states have already had over 800 tornado’s this spring and this is more than the entire amount in 2007. We, in this almost unlikely area, are only used to seeing only a sporadic tornado, perhaps one every two to five years. Now, in this last decade however, it seems we are having a steady diet of severe weather.

I feel we must look for a safer state in which to reside. But, back to the photograph. We need to invest in one, Storm Destroyer. This guy would shoot the clouds and then we wouldn’t have crazy weather, just gentle rainfall. I’m dreaming, I understand, but a girl can wish and I am cramped sitting in my southeastern corner of my house. The kitties are speaking up now and again and hopefully, it is safe to journey back up to my comfy sofa. Toodles.


2 thoughts on “Storm Destroyer

  1. I would contribute my allowance to a Storm Destroyer. Please stay safe, I know severe storms like that are very, very scairty. We sometimes get hurricanes where I live, but at least with hurricanes we have time to prepare.

  2. i never know what beauty will await me when i step inside over here… i feel for you in that nasty weather,, i am not mother nature fearful.. !well i couldn’t be and live not quite 2.5 miles off the san andreas fault line LOL!!!!)

    but i HATE having no electricity and cable.. storm all you want.. take the top off my house,, toss me in the hole … but leave the damn electricity and cable alone……

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