Danish Brioche Swiss II

Danish Brioche Swiss II, originally uploaded by Theresa111.

Danish – Sweetened Brioche` rolled up and placed into a bottom layer of brioche`. Baked and then brushed with hot apricot, rum & 10X icing. Finished by sprinkling lightly toasted, sliced almonds on the top.

After it is a tiny bit cooled, you actually tear off your portion, instead of using a knife to cut. The rough appearance only lends to the beauty of this tasty morning delight.


One thought on “Danish Brioche Swiss II

  1. Oh my WORD!! This looks incredible. I am IMPRESSED. Do you know what is SO weird. I opened your site and saw this photo and I immediately had a memory from when I was somewhere between 7 and 9. My sister and I used to go with my Mom to visit this woman she knew and the woman would ALWAYS make this coffee cake that looked EXACTLY like this and had the same ingredients. I remember her telling us that you did NOT cut it but pulled it apart…and it DID come apart in little sections. As I was looking at this and reading it I literally could smell her house when we first opened the door and walked in. Oh my word, it was sooooo heavenly, and the taste was from another world. I thought I was in heaven. How amazing that you would post this and it would bring back that memory that I’ve not thought of in years. Thank you!

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