Dessert and Good Conversation

Whenever I have the opportunity to gather friends or family round the diner table I always look forward to sharing good times, catching up and finding out what is going on in our lives. This time shared is a fundamentally important part to me and when the dessert is brought round, everyone is relaxed and open to discussing the topic of the day.

The dinner table is not filled as it once was. Most everyone these days is on the run, each having his or her agenda to take care of. We seem to have turned into a nation of “See you later,” and with a quick peck on the cheek or a wave, we are off.

I have decided to purchase a dark wood dining table, large enough for 8 – 12 guests. Last year, I saw the one I wanted at Pier 1 Imports, but I got side-tracked and didn’t go back to get it. Many times I like to think about a purchase for a long time before I actually shell out the funds.

Because it is a major purchase, perhaps not to Donald Trump … in fact, most certainly not to him, I want to be certain I will be content with the style and feel of the wood. It will be a place to be used almost daily and I have found, to my chagrin, that in the past, I have been guilty of impulse buying. This is a meaningful purchase and because I anticipate many good meals being shared, I want to make sure I will be happy with my choice.

Thankfully, I wrote down the name of the set and I will attempt to track down the artisan who created it. In my minds-eye, I imagine the delicious meals and good conversations to be shared.


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