Peek-A-Boo … I See You

This is so descriptive of me and my husband. He is big and strong and protective of me. I get to float around on my own, but under his close watch I feel safe and not so vulnerable. We are opposites. However, one without the other would always be missing that important ingredient.

I am glad that in this great big universe that we are all traveling through, we are always moving, the fact that there is such a partner to share this journey is helpful and comforting.

Today’s Daily Word is “Pray For Others.” I will do so and pray that you may have the same joy in a partner as I have in mine.


One thought on “Peek-A-Boo … I See You

  1. This post touched me and brought tears to my eyes the way you describe yourself in relation to your husband is poignantly precious. And yet it also was very warm and made me chuckle. Beautiful writing here…and sentiments as well. R

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