I’ve Decided To Move

29-Space Lab, originally uploaded by Theresa111.

Having come from a family which moved from state to state and house to apartment to townhouse and back, I thought it was a normal process. Clearly I have been made to see how the other half lives. We have been living in our present home for eighteen years. I have been trying to move for at least ten.

We decided we were not to leave the Washington, DC metropolitan area while our parents were still alive. Well they have gone to a better place and left us here. Amid torrential rains, flooding, close-call lightening strikes, nearby earthquakes, tornado’s, tropical storms and hurricanes. I have drawn the conclusion that it is time to find a better geographical spot.

The recent cyclones, volcano eruptions, earthquakes, pollution, damaged crop yields, loss of bees and tainted water (560 billion tons of raw sewage into our estuaries) has convinced me we had better find our new fortress quickly.

While uploading photographs today, I came across an interesting piece of real estate. I am certain that some of my family’s tax dollars went toward the construction and upkeep of this beauty.

It is with great excitement that I announce our impending move to this space lab. Once we are settled in, we will not have any weather to speak of and since we have solar panels there won’t be any electric bills. As you can see, there is plenty of room for storage and I suppose a party would be fun. We can offer our guests a breathtaking view.

It appears quite safe to me and I am glad I can relax now that I have made my choice. When Joe gets back from across the big pond, won’t he be surprised that I figured out where our new home will be.


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