Freshly Glazed Danish

Freshly Glazed Danish, originally uploaded by Theresa111.

Danish treats are fun to make. The dough takes time to prepare, then rest between turns and shaping the individual Danish takes practice. The shapes, fillings and glazes are what differentiates the types there are to choose from. Here are but a few.

In my opinion, hot out of the oven is the best way to enjoy them. Yummy.


3 thoughts on “Freshly Glazed Danish

  1. i got all of the lovely comments and well wishes from you,, and i just wanted you to know i feel the same about you,, and now that i am here… can i have a danish?? i like cheese if that is ok with you……

  2. These look lovely! I’ve never made Danish but as you know from reading my last post….I DID make an apple pie for my sweetheart!

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