Praline Japonaise Gateaux

Praline Japonaise Gateaux, originally uploaded by Theresa111.

2 9″ japonaise or dacquoise round disks, fully baked
1 9″ 1/2 ” slice of genoise cake
1/2 butter cream recipe
3 T praline paste, to taste
2 cups rum syrup
3 c toasted sliced almonds
pink fondant for decor finish

1) Anchor nut meringue to the plate. Spritz with rum syrup.
2) Spread praline butter cream over the bottom layer.
3) Spritz both sides of the slice of genoise cake and place on filling.
4) Add another layer of praline butter cream.
5) Cover with top layer of nut meringue.
6) Ice entire cake with butter cream.
7) Pat toasted sliced almonds against sides and top of cake.
8) Pipe pink fondant on top and center of cake. Classic finish.

Yields 20 slices. Serve fresh.


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