The Real Me

Photo 43, originally uploaded by Theresa111.

I like this type of photo art as it portrays an Andy Warhol theme, very much like the Campbell’s Soup Can Art. It really is a bit fascinating to be able to manipulate the colors and phased-out and softened features.

The real me is a contradiction of a mirage of talents, which if whisked together would become a muddied mess. However, brief glimpses of the real me are better seen in their complex stages; of writer, vocalist, poet, painter, artist, broadcaster, critic, French pastry graduate, musician, friend, wife, daughter, sister, niece, aunt, lover, flirt and sometimes recluse.

The perception of me is different, depending on who is doing the looking and then the most obvious one is from my point of view. The contradiction comes into play because I have an ever-changing nature and my moods are considerable. Being a woman is difficult yet delicious indeed.

Just ask my husband as he claims to understand me but I have always kept him on his toes. He says I am predictable but he never knows exactly what I will do next. I mean it stands to reason that I would perform the normal daily routines according to plan but when it comes to my way of thinking I can really confuse him.

So, I decided to come clean and put a face to the writer. I never know what I look like from time to time. Whenever I pass a mirror and happen to glance at my reflection I sometimes am a little astonished by how different I appear. My mind takes me on everyday journeys and then the realities of the world crash in on my otherwise sensitive and creative soul. I am saddened by how angry the world has become and think to hide myself away.

I used to look in the mirror all of the time, but no more. Being married will do that to you. You no longer want to make sure the allure is written on your face and being more circumspect, it doesn’t seem to matter because one shouldn’t draw too much attention to oneself.

So there you have it. Tomorrow I will be different but hopefully in another creative mood. Cheers!


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