Sunflowers or Unfinished Business

Spring and Sunflowers, originally uploaded by Theresa111.

Is it just me, or are there more of you out there, who begin things but end up never getting around to finishing them? “Why do I do this?” I ask myself. When I began this painting, I was having difficulty figuring out how to make the front side of the flower have it’s petals coming out toward the viewer. I decided to think about it and as you can plainly see, I never completed the work.

It’s not just this either. I have unfinished ideas, thoughts, song lyrics, poems, stories and inventions laid about … all of them patiently waiting for the artist to pick them up and put on the finishing touches.

I paint, sculpt, and write creatively in my head. Then I make notes, write out good intentions, place various stickies possessing these ideas and phone numbers with names, in safe spots, until I can record them on my phone, or in the still unused address book.

Justifiably, I find I can blame the Internet, and E-mail for this part, at least. They have the address book section and if you ever go into the add contact space, you will see there is enough storage for an individuals life story, let alone their email, home, business addresses. Plus there are spaces to enter all of the various phone numbers too!

The pages upon pages of printed materials from the Internet, which I never quite find the time to organize completely, hide in their own stacks hoping to be read at least once more. They very well could be cosigned to the trash bin, but only after a prolonged stay in a drawer, pile, cardboard box or one of my brief cases.

Simple enough. There is a need for an organizer. When I worked in an office, everything was, for the most part, in its place, neatly organized. Perhaps I should wave a flag, with the hopes of being rescued and that some kind person straightens out the endless papers, receipts, records and creative projects which need finishing. Or better yet, maybe, just maybe I will work on this painting again. I’ll think about it.


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