Life Through Rose Tinted Glass

Mini French Pastries, originally uploaded by Theresa111.

Today I went to see my doctor and while I was waiting for my name to be called, I sat in the waiting room and where the television usually offered light entertainment, it was spewing a horrid story of the demise of a very young girl. I quickly realized that my position, right in front of the television, was the wrong place to sit.

Immediately, I removed to another part of the large room. Now, I was out of earshot. No longer had I to endure their message of despair. What I did do was let the receptionist know where I would be and intimated I was doing so because of the television’s subject matter. She made no move to improve the sitting room experience.

Why? Why did no one change the channel? For the rest of the people waiting their turn, no one seemed inclined to move nor complain about the crime story being projected into their minds. I can barely watch the news anymore and think that many movie directors have almost desensitized us until we either endure or ignore.

What happened to responsible broadcasting and good stories? Does it matter that we are constantly being bombarded with so many negatives? I certainly believe it does.

In fact, I must insist that my husband watch the bad news and major channels, out of my hearing. He claims he needs to know what is going on in the world. But I find I need to shut it out because for as long as I am to remain here on my beloved planet Earth, I want it to be as beautiful, peaceful and kind as possible.

For kindred spirits out there, I suggest you turn off the bad news and turn on positive thinking and kind leadership. It will put your day into perspective and allow you to create something beautiful. I have a feeling that were we all busy creating beautiful things to share that our world would be very rosy indeed.


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