Mini French Buffet

French Buffet Phase I, originally uploaded by Theresa111.

This makes my mouth water as my brain drinks in the aromas, whilst my eyes devour the joy of the delicate flavors, creamy textures and the appropriate crunch of crust, precisely baked choux buns, cookies and coconut macaroons. The Madeleine’s are the perfect size of cake; two bites.  Whereas, the toasted almonds provide nutty accompaniment after being sprinkled to stick atop hot apricot glaze. Everything works together.  Raspberry, cherry, lemon, almond and pistachio flavors enhance each flavor-filled mouthful.

It literally took days to prepare for a big event and the pastry kitchen was an intense place to be. The hands of the students purposefully going through the exercises to make sure all of the differing components be in place and at the ready when assembly time arrived. Then we all marveled at how the recipes, many of which could stand on their own, were combined to create each little masterpiece. Oh, how I miss my French Culinary kitchen. I still dream of the glorious work of our hands and hearts.



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One response to “Mini French Buffet

  • tibblog

    I borrowed your mini french buffet photo for my blog. If this is not good please email me and I will remove it. I want to show my readers what quality is when it comes to dessert buffets and your work looks like quality. I wish I could taste them too! My blog is at I also read your blog often. Keep up the good work!

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