The Ghosts of Staten Island

When I was a teeny-tiny girl, perhaps four and a half years old, I would awaken in the middle of the night and see ghostlike figures walking to a fro, across my room and round about me. They were as if dressed in their work clothes, hats, coats and carrying suitcases or briefcases. My room was without windows, it being an inside room, and it was almost pitch dark. Sometimes, my Mother would check on me during the night, to take me to the ladies and she would hear me speaking to these people. She thought I was talking in my sleep, only to find me sitting up and looking all about me. I was fully awake. I felt no fear, they didn’t try to contact me I simply watched them pass by. My room felt like Grand Central Station, in grayed tones. I saw this many times over the years we resided on Staten Island, NY. I can remember it as if it just happened.


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