Cosmo, originally uploaded by Theresa111.

The first time we saw this young chap was behind the Red Lobster Restaurant. We were in our car and he was a ball of fluff, all curled up on the grass, and not moving about. Cautiously, I crept up toward him as silently as possibly. I could see his eyes crusted closed and his tiny nose covered with congestion. The poor darling.

I got a box and a towel from the van and before he knew what was happening, I had scooped him up and into the box he went. He scrambled and scratched, trying to escape. I tried soothing him because I understood how frightened the little guy must be. He let out one pitiful mewling sound and then became quiet. It was as if he had immediately become resigned to this fate. He must not have been feeling strong.

We whisked him away to the closest vet and left him there to be tested, examined and obtain a complete diagnosis. We were back a few hours later to the tune of $135.00. He had worms, fleas, surprisingly enough no ear mites and in general a huge upper respiratory infection. Well we had our work cut out for us.

Just a week prior to this, we had taken in his brother in much the same condition and after we got him cleaned up and healthy, we returned him to be with his mother, as he was only four weeks old and we wanted him to get more nourishment from his mom. We found out later that we made a terrible decision and that by returning him, led to his crossing the road during traffic. I wept many a night over him.

I made sure we would not repeat it by keeping baby Cosmo at our home, nestled comfortably in our powder room. He was fed and watered, given worming medication, hateful fleas were entirely removed and because he stank we clipped his tiny nails then bathed him.

For someone so tiny and fluffy, I never expected him to appear like a drenched rat. His tail was long and besides not feeling well he looked pitiful. We soaped him up and rinsed him off as quickly as possible. All this was done in the bathroom sink. He was so tiny and kept trying desperately to crawl up my shirt.

Wrapped in a dry towel, I allowed the majority of the water to leave his fur.  I tenderly dried him and then turned on the hair dryer to a low setting. He crouched into the corner and we finally got him dry enough and was about to cover him up in his new little bed … but unfortunately he messed himself and we had to begin all over again. Surprisingly he likes the sound of running water even after we had to bathe him four or five times. Since then he grooms himself and he always looks debonair.

Anyway, It was July and the week John Kennedy, his wife and sister-in-law went missing and we sat around the television, praying for good news and losing hope after about 36 hours. In the meantime, Cosmo was bottle fed and recovering from his bout with infection, worms, fleas and gaining weight because he was getting good nutrition. After he drank his formula, we would take a trip to the potty, clean off with wipes and I would place him inside the top portion of my overall shorts. He would curl up in this tiny ball and lay right against my heart and rest his head upon my chest area. I could hear his quiet snores and we both fell in love.

He finally had the run of the house scampering about with Bobby, who was two and Ribbon, who was almost two, trying to keep him in check. They were his new Mommy and Daddy. He was comical because he would run away from one of the older males and slide underneath his protectors to stand under their bellies, looking as if butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth.

Spoiled he was and still he wants to rule the roost. I used to kiddingly refer to him as King Cosmo. Now at eight and one-half, he is sometimes too arrogant and every now and again he bites the others on the neck. He actually hurts them sometimes and I have to put him in time out. All at once he cries like a kitten and complains that he is returned to the powder room.

One thing he does really well is that he learned to pull the pull string on the pull toy and then releases it to vibrate. He is good about playing with others and especially by himself. The other night he chased around an old twig from the Christmas tree.

Cosmo is such a good boy, so regal and he looks French. But he is not always a nice boy. I love him and he loves to come and lay down on my chest while I watch television. He knows he has my heart.


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One response to “Cosmo

  • Daisy the Curly Cat

    What a beautiful story about how Cosmo came to be in your home and heart. He sure is a handsome Tuxie cat! It’s so great that you rescued him and took him in; sometimes feral cats (even kittens) never become comfortable around people.

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