Manhattan from the plane

Manhattan from the plane, originally uploaded by michaeltucker.

This shot shows where I lived on Staten Island. Photo by Michael Tucker.

At the top of the photo about an inch down and a bit to the right, at the part which protrudes, is where we lived on Nicholas Street. We would sit on our steps, look to the left and see Manhattan in all her glory. As soon as I win the Lotto, I am going to purchase a house right where I can see the same view.



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4 responses to “Manhattan from the plane

  • innovatel

    It’s a different point of view … but it’s always fantastic 🙂

  • lozster

    I love aerial photos – that’s magnificent

  • Theresa111

    I get a thrill whenever I see Manhattan and catch glimpses of Staten Island. We were only two blocks up a very steep street, from the water. The portion of the spot which protrudes out toward the water is where my house stood. We visited it November 2001, but looking across the water was so sad, because it was only 12 weeks after the heartbreaking disaster.

    Back in July, I wrote a post about New York and the photo is that of a red tug boat. One day, I just might buy one and ride all around the islands. It could be so much fun.

    We live in boring suburb of Washington, DC. I so long to go to New York and London. Those cities are so alive and full of upbeat things.

  • dariogiannelli

    impressive shot! really like it!

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