Lemon Mirror with Lady Fingers

Lemon Mirror w/ Lady Fingers, originally uploaded by Theresa111.

Um, yummy for the tummy. Having always cherished lemony things and especially the flavor, I highly recommend this decadent dessert. I can almost taste it just from looking at the photograph. I would have chosen a shiny black platter for the presentation and set small spray of violets and pansy’s alongside the base.

One day I will own my own Jazz Cafe` presenting an array of French Desserts and fine drink. My husband and I know so many musicians we will always have a grand mixture to choose from. It’ll be like having small intimate parties five days a week. Tuesday – Saturday.  I picked out a name and have kept it hidden away for over ten years. I can envision the light blue neon light emblazoning the name into the night and the lay-out of the interior design.

Someday is getting closer all of the time. Don’t you love dreaming and making goals? Believe it and achieve it! Wonderful words I heard someone say recently. Vivid visualization makes it so. Just hold on to that thought.


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