Sasha, originally uploaded by Theresa111.

Sasha is a quiet and meek kitty. I particularly love this photo of her, sitting on the baby grand and holding her head as if she can hear the chords yet to be played.

We took her family in ten years ago and they were such fluffy babies. Sasha was always by her mother’s side. Chyna, Christy and Sasha remained very suspicious of our intentions. For years, in fact. Ribbon, however was always outgoing and for quite some time, they were all angry about following her lead. Getting caught and having to reside with we mere mortals.

A few years later, their grown-up brother , Monsieur, showed up on our front porch and refused to leave. Shivering, he refused to leave, until we had to grant him admittance. He is Sasha’s twin, except for the fact he resembles their father, Bentley, now deceased. He must be twice her size. Apparently he was with some family, because he came to us already neutered and with a few bad habits to boot.

What the heck, we already had their Aunt Fiona and half brothers plus cousins, Peter and Bobby. We had a house full … what was a few more? Baby Bennington, Ripley, Woody, (now all deceased) had to endure more felines and for the most part, we were one big happy family. My Mother was tolerant, to say the least, but they loved her too. She and Baby Ben used to fight over her easy chair. Ben, you see, was a Taurus. They can always be found sitting or lounging comfortably, in the most comfortable seat.

But getting back to lovely Sasha, sometimes she will allow me to pet her and it is very difficult to trim her nails, almost impossible. We have a huge tree for them to climb upon. She used to love hanging from the bottom of the limbs; and she resembled a monkey. Very funny sometimes, she will carry a tiny mouse around and cry and talk, as if she is taking care of her young. I bet she would have been a great and nurturing mother. I remember the girls nursing on Chyna until they were three! That was a sight. The well was dry but the nurturing and love lasted for years.

For the most part they are by their Mother’s side 24/7/365. Ribbon and Monsieur are independent but Christy and Sasha are right by Chyna’s side. Occasionally, you will hear Chyna’s protest as she would love some time alone and away from her kids. I’ll let her come into the studio and then I have to listen to the girls moan, cry and tap on the French doors.

Sasha is a darling girl and a sweetheart.


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