Hannah ‘Belle’

Hannah, originally uploaded by Theresa111.

Or as Jaimie, from my vet’s office calls her, Hannah Banana,” she is gray from the tip of her nose to the soles of her tippy toes. She is eight years five months old and has been with us since the day she walked into our lives November 1999.

At night we have an agreement. She sleeps on the outer edge at the top of the bed and she is supposed to stay put until it is time to get up in the morning. Because the sleep by number bed is so very high, I must stand on a stool in order to climb upon the mattress. She sleeps with her head upon the edge of my pillow.

When I awaken in the night to visit the ladies, Hannah usually stays in her spot, but tends to stretch out. She is then in the danger zone, because when I climb back into bed, her tail is always just where I need to sit down. Here we go again. I have to pick her up and slide her up. She always makes noises of protest and I pat her on the bottom telling her to let me get settled and then as soon as I turn on my left side, she snuggles up to me, with her back pressed against mine.

She is very loving and this warmth is an unconditional love we share with the other. Hannah is a such sweetie and we make a good team. I must really love her because I allowed her to suckle on the belly of Brandy, my stuffed bear.  She still eyes the newer ones and I tell her that they are off limits.

With Hannah on one side and Bobby on the other, it’s a wonder I can turn over at all.


5 thoughts on “Hannah ‘Belle’

  1. oh theresa!!! she is a darling!!! and i love the bed time antics,, i sleep with both of my dogs,, but they weigh 100 pounds each!!! i have to sleep on the mattress the wrong way,, as it is the only way the three of us can fit!!!!! sometimes i wake up in contorted positions i could never get myself to bend into while awake… love is a many splendored thing………

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