Fraisier, originally uploaded by Theresa111.

After the cake round goes on, Marzipan is colored light green, rolled out pretty thinly and cut to fit over the top. The name Frasier is written by fine piping dark writing chocolate on top. One strawberry is cliced part way through and fanned out, then placed on top. The acetate is removed from the cake and Voila!

This is the most mouthwatering delight! In fact every time I see this photograph I am transported back to culinary class and our chef has prepared this beautiful and delicious dessert.  I will have to confess that what I most enjoyed about becoming a pastry cook was attending my school. The regime was very demanding and the cleanliness of the kitchens were approved by me with much gratitude. Out in the real world, the environment is not pristine, cultured or exact. In fact one usually ends up preparing many mundane desserts and the quality is so inferior to what was learned in class.

My dream is to open my own jazz cafe` in a few years and prepare the fine French desserts I was instructed in. Unfortunately, there are no places around the Washington, DC metro area which offer these fine delicacies, except for a few fine restaurants. What I envision is going to be for the everyday person who wants to spend their hard earned cash on my hard-to-prepare edible art.

A teaching facility would be forthcoming afterward and would allow anyone interested in learning this wonderful art to attend private classes.  The ingredients are expensive and the creations are time consuming, so I shall have to offer them at a fair but pricey amount.  The taste will be reason enough to pay for the bliss.


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