Change … Nobody Likes To Admit They Need It

A year and a half ago I discovered that I had developed high blood pressure. I began taking the very lowest dosage of medication 12.5 ml, once a day. I was working long, hard hours at a major hotel in Washington, DC, in their Pastry Kitchen. My Mother was in a nursing home, one hour drive both ways … I hate going on the Capitol Beltway … it’s like Russian Roulette on the roadways. To top it off I was eating too many goodies. I was packing on the pounds, totally overworked, exhausted, sleep-deprived and worried.

Last February, I decided to leave that labor of love, intensive position to re-group, to rest, to mourn the passing of my Mother and best friend. I decided to slow down because my body was sending me frightening signals. It literally took me six weeks to rejoin the world and thankfully, I found writing a web log the very thing to help me do just that. Relaxing, reflective and a nice way to meet new friends and see new talents.

After working a whirlwind job, running to-and-fro, very heavy lifting and poor eating habits, I was so glad to sit and type away. I would spend hours on the computer, sitting in the same position for hours and absorbing the cyber world and lots of her inhabitants. So in July, when I went to see my doctor to renew my medications, I was asked to get on the scale, an object I vehemently dislike. When I saw the results I told the woman there was something wrong with her machine. I stepped off. She stepped on and she told me it was working properly. She wrote down 4.7 lbs less than what I weighed in at. Crestfallen, I had to admit that in four and one-half months, I had gained a whopping 25 lbs! How? I mean, I noticed that I had moved into wearing Joe’s sweat pants and XL large T-Shirts. What was I going to do? I panicked … isn’t that what most beautiful people do?

I did try starving myself during the daytime, but when Joe was ready to come home from work, I would get him to stop at Burger King, McDonald’s, Outback (they have curb-side service) or we would order in Chinese, to be delivered. Sometimes we would be eating dinner as late as 11:00 PM! What was I thinking! Even my husband, who is 6’3″ gained weight. So I decided in October to return to products that I had used to lose weight, twenty years ago. I phoned my friend and she got me to look at her sites to see all of the new products, and together we went over what I wanted to order. Because I knew they were guaranteed to work, I signed up to get the products wholesale.

When my products arrived two days later, I began right away. It’s as easy as 1-2-3 and since October 18th, I have dropped the extra weight I gained, without exercise. I chose to stick to the program and I can eat anything I want for my main meal. I make it colorful and I simply eat a little less than before. I am not hungry and my energy level is great. I feel so much better and I am sleeping through the night.

The nutrition I am receiving is the finest. Joe wasn’t even trying and he has lost most of his love handles. When we hug, we both notice a big change. I went down 3 sizes so far and I am over one third of my way to my targeted weight goal. I anticipate before and after photos in the spring, for as excited as I am about this, it is not an easy subject … writing about my weight and how it has made me quite unhealthy and miserable. I am baring myself to my readers because I am certain I will reach my final goal and be happy to share the end results.

The most fun in all of this is that even though it is the Holiday season, I am losing inches and weight, not hungry, getting healthier everyday and want to help others do the same. Feel better, have better nutrition and more energy. Please feel free to check out my web-sites for yourself. Should you wish to give it a go, I will work with you to help be a support, just as my friend has done for me. You can do it too!

Happy Holidays!




P.S. Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express accepted. * There is a drop down for different languages too.


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2 responses to “Change … Nobody Likes To Admit They Need It

  • whypaisley

    i want to lose twenty pounds.. if i lost 30 i would be the same weight i was in 10th grade….but…… i can eat anything i want anything… and stay the weight i am.. so i am still trying to just learn to accept myself as i am.. it isn’t easy.. i am not fat,, but i find it difficult to dress and look what i could consider attractive at this weight….
    however,, i know,, as i have done it before that if i go back down to 120 i will just watch myself come right back up to where i am all over again…so should i just be content??? i want to ….

  • Theresa111


    What is so cool about what I am doing is that once you have lost the weight, you then maintain. You never have to re-gain the weight. Very Cool!

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