Pate a Choux, Paint Cans and Brushes

Pate a Choux, Paint Cans and Brushes, originally uploaded by Theresa111.

Having the right space to create is something that makes me flourish and active. Here I must confess that even though I have a large home, I have not found it conducive to draw out my innate abilities, to create in most of its areas. Sounds strange, but I insist it is true.

For instance. The back side of the house faces north and west. I want to paint in the part that receives light from the north, however, my easel and paint brushes are in the studio, which receives the western light.

My kitchen faces the northwest and western light and since the plan when we purchased the home was laid out only one way, I had no way of knowing that the placement of appliances would matter that much to me. Back then we were simply happy to buy a house, never believing for one moment, that we would actually be here more than three to five years.

I was from one of those families that moved around a lot. We went where my father’s work took him. We were not a military family, nor nomadic. Home relocation was normal to us. My adorable mother would read the Sunday papers and would sometimes exclaim to daddy about a brand new apartment complex that was being built. Back then we lived in houses or apartments, which we would rent for no more than three years. Sometimes, we would only stay for one year because my mother would find a better place or a brand new one.

Moving so frequently afforded us the delightful task of going through our belongings and only packing what we really used. Along with packing the family treasures, we donated and made major decisions of what to keep and what to toss. I have found that by staying in our present home, we have collected rather too much. I mentioned about a month ago that I wanted to begin living a minimalist life and have been working toward that goal.

What I find irritating is that by tuning in to HGTV so much, I watch folks renovate and remodel their homes and this has brought to mind just how little space I really need to be happy and comfortable. I enjoy being on the backside of my home but it is not arranged the way I want. To be comfortable painting I need to do it in the kitchen, where the breakfast nook is. Now, it seems I will have to re-do my entire kitchen and extend into the dining area. We haven’t used that space since we moved the home office into the studio. The ony living we do in the living room is watch television or movies. I want to do this in the studio too. In fact, the sofa is in here too. Along with a smaller television.

It would be easier to move and set up an art studio, totally organized. Find the dream kitchen to prepare all sorts of delightful treats and meals. Separate my writing desk from the recording studio and have a cozy corner, as I presently have (facing west) and place our washer and dryer on the same floor as our master bedroom, instead of it being two floors down in the basement. In fact, I don’t want a basement after all. Perhaps a condo would be the answer. Everything on one floor and a gourmet kitchen for me. Cool!

The next place needs to be on one floor or we need to get one of those cute little elevators. They only cost around $25,000.00. Hey! No problem. Everything costs so much nowadays that it’s still okay to dream about them. That’s free.

Decisions. Time to move the artworks back into the kitchen and because of the cats, I will have to put everything away or they will be painting everywhere they walk. They do love to get into things. I will keep my writing to daytime and rehearsals, recordings, practicing my Autoharp, (much time will be needed to develop my skills) for the evenings. Plus I have started a home business … so I’ll need the computer and phone for that. I’m so busy that now I have to go take a nap!

Since I’m good at dreaming, I will start on the new home we will need so we can become settled, organized, and only buy a place big enough to be roomy, but not so large that rooms are not used. Wasted space is just that. Besides … since my mother’s been gone … the house doesn’t fit anymore. Maybe that is what is really bothering me after all. I know, I know, I’ve done a complete 180º flip, but that is the way I think.


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