Croissants…Butter, Chocolate and Apricot

Croissants…Butter, Chocolate and Apricot, originally uploaded by Theresa111.

Traditionally, these pastries are baked to a darker golden brown. The ones you find in the supermarket are intentionally under baked, in order to stay on the shelf longer.

Suggestion: Heat your oven and bake them a little longer, until the outside is darker and crispy, not soft. They will remain moist inside and your reward is more satisfying, when you break the bread open.

As I am sitting here enjoying my Sunday coffee, I am wishing for a delightful treat. Unfortunately, it will not be something like these beauties because they are off my food list, for a while.

What a way to start off your morning. Choosing the perfect croissant to eat and biting into one. The crunch and delicious inside of the pastry is something to roll your eyes heavenward. Especially, the almond or dark chocolate ones. You might choose the all butter croissant to spread some freshly made jam or marmalade, on its many layers.

This is one of the most perfect French delicacies. My nephew, Matthew is stateside for a while, before returning to Paris. He has lived abroad for the past four years and tells me about the relaxed European life. The character of the cities and the different cultures he encounters. Time for a European holiday!


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