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We are constantly being talked into buying things. Radios, broadcasting their commercials, magazines, newspapers, our friends, relatives and neighbors. The most effective are the television commercials, whereby, merchants display their wares in quicksilver moments of time slots, which reach the viewers who are, and who are not, paying attention. We have been bombarded by media frenzy who’s goal is to get us to buy things.

From August through the end of the year the public is sending their children “Back To School,” readying everyone for the “Fall Collection” of fashionable clothes. Then there are all of the weekend sales beginning Memorial Day, Columbus Day, Halloween, Veteran’s Day, Thanksgiving, After Thanksgiving Day, Winter Holidays, Religious Holidays and New Year’s Eve.

Only to commence once more with New Year’s Day sales!

We are constantly being shown different automobiles, lawn care products, housewares, rugs, flooring, linens and such. And were does it leave us? We the consumer are made to believe that we need it all.

I have learned a very valuable lesson, over the past few months. Something personal and a little mind blowing. Things can make life easier but what about the things we have accumulated? What about the things we have purchased and used once or twice? Was is all right to buy these items, use them a few times and then leave them on a shelf or in a closet to live their existence by gathering dust?

Why do we think we will feel better by possessing things? Especially when we do not use them anymore or they are no longer fashionable? Getting back to the lesson I mentioned earlier, I must confess to wanting things and then putting them aside after trying them out.

Apparently, I lose interest or perhaps it is the fact that they have become my possessions and that is enough. Just knowing they are waiting for me exclusively, for whenever I choose to pay them any mind. It sounds a bit callous, I know. I always believed myself to be caring and not of a greedy nature, but it seems I have flaws and this is a major one, indeed.

So, I am going to go through my things.  Routing things out and giving them to charities. I am going to keep only the things which I must have. The things I know I will use and the rest is going to find another home. No more stock-piling!

For those things for which I have a sentimental feeling, I shall only keep those things which can fill five large boxes. Everything else must go. I am determined to keep my things in sight and use them. No longer will I neglect my possessions. Everything has a place and a use. It must be productive in order to remain in my world. My world that is now to be lived in a minimalist way. I will be happier.

When I go shopping, I will ask myself whether or not I really want to use it or possess it. This will help me decide if I will pay for it or not.


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