Bobby’s In Charge

Bobby on Couch, originally uploaded by Theresa111.

My Daddy left me in charge of my Mommy, the cats and the whole big house. So It is my job to make sure everyone eats proper meals, plays lots of kitty games, takes naps and keeps Mommy from being lonely for Daddy.

My Mommy is pretty cool. She is pretending it doesn’t matter she isn’t traveling to London with Daddy today. She works very hard on her computer and taking care of us all of the time. So I decided to give her a few days of rest and relaxation. I am going to do everything she would normally do.

Perhaps later tonight, we will watch a funny TV show called 30 Rock. I couldn’t help but notice that there are TIVO shows which were recorded but haven’t been watched yet. Like Boston Legal, Men In Trees, Damages and Life.  That’s right, Ugly Betty comes on tonight, too!

We can play ring toss and I will run lots of times and bring the ring back to Mommy. Her face always lights up when we play this. I can bring the feather on the stick, so she can wave it back and forth.

My Mommy said she is going to buy me a stroller, like Daisy The Curly Cat has. Her sister Pixie is very sweet and they get to dress up and go for rides with their Mommy. That’s where we got the idea to go strolling.

Saturday, my Mommy’s sister, Mary is coming to visit. Maybe they will go to PetSmart to buy the stroller. I sure hope they do.

Tonight we will have chicken breast fillets for dinner. They should be easy for me to prepare and I will be sure not to cook the chicken too much. I have watched her prepare countless meals, so I have the basics down.

Well, I will check in later to let you know how my Mommy Sitting is going, and I will make sure she isn’t too lonely for my Daddy.


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5 responses to “Bobby’s In Charge

  • Daisy the Curly Cat

    Bobby, you are a big Mancat to be in charge while your Daddy is away. I can tell you are up to the responsibility. Playing ring toss will keep your Mommy from being sad.

    I hope you get a stroller! I love to go strollering. It is very fun. Our stroller is a PetGear AT3. And I keep a sleeping bag inside so I can hide if I see something scary.

    Thanks for adding me to your links. I feel very proud and happy.

  • whypaisley

    good to have you here bobby.. tell your mom i stopped in to say”hi”!!!!!

  • Daisy the Curly Cat

    ps: Bobby, you are so sweet, you made me blush today!

  • thedomesticminx

    Hello Bobby!!

    Has Daddy gone to London to visit the Queen?
    Perhaps he will buy you a pair of dandy boots. Coupled with the stroller, you will look quite the Lord, of Lesiure…

    Diablo says meow.

  • Theresa111

    Daisy, I was sincere in my quest.

    Paisley, I told mty Mommy hello and she smiled.

    Domestic Minx, MEOW! He played Jazz and didn’t have time to buy me any boots. Aunt Mary and Mommy didn’t shop at PetSmart, so I have to wait for the stroller. She said she will get me one very soon.

    Love to all you ladies, Bobby

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