Hello World!

Daybreak wasn’t enough to make me crawl out of bed this morning. I actually awakened because of the impossible position I was lying in. Turning over, I freed my numb right leg, and wiggled my toes to get the circulation of free-flowing blood moving again. After a few moments, I decided to rouse myself to attend to the morning cleaning and relieving rituals. Upon returning to the bed, I straightened the clean sheets and covers, placing my blond teddy bear high on the top of my three pillows.

I called to Bobby to follow me downstairs and together, we stumbled into the kitchen to make coffee. Grinding fresh coffee beans and turning on the pot, the morning brew began it’s gurgling sounds. Pleased with my limited abilities to make coffee with one eye open, I turned toward the French doors, which lead into the studio. I was going to check FexEx tracking to find the whereabouts of my new iMac computer.

My original 1999 Raspberry iMac died at the beginning of September, and although I mourned her, I was without communication abilities for a whole week. A 2000 Blueberry iMac was given to us, to tide me through the waiting period, until I could order my new one. I certainly bless the computer for affording me the pleasure of surfing the Internet and posting a few stories and articles, but I was forced to slap it on its left side, many times, to restore the flickering screen. Thankfully, I do not have to do that anymore.

I had ordered my computer this past Saturday and told the customer service representative that I would phone back on Tuesday with the data to run the sale. I chose to have it FedEx’d ‘Overnight Priority’, to the steep delivery fee of $125.00. I wanted it so badly that I didn’t care about this extravagance. I figured it was worth it. I needed to give my creative juices the first opportunity to flow.

Yesterday morning, I could barely wait for the 7 AM alarm to go off. I got up, showered, and was dressed by 7:20 AM. For someone who has a hard time getting up, I was displaying a remarkable energy. I was going to get my computer today, I thought happily. I spotted the FedEx truck as it was coming down the court and flashing its left turn signal. I went outside and stood on my porch, pretending to fiddle with my roses. The driver was driving slowly and had, in his right hand, a map or manifest. I held my breath but he never stopped. He drove down my street and up around the bend. He’ll be back soon enough, I thought. It was only 9:45 AM and I had paid for guaranteed delivery by 10:30 AM. Not to worry.

I called the CDW representative to get the tracking numbers and the nice man said he would look it up for me. Well, I didn’t have long to wait before he told me the package was in transit, but was due to be delivered by 10:30 AM on Friday. Oh no. Friday?

Last night, just before midnight, I looked again and found that at 11:51 PM my packages were in Indiana. It looked to be Friday before I would receive my precious iMac. So you must consider my chagrin as I drifted off to sleep last night. My only consolation was the partial refund of the shipping fees. At least that was something.

When I entered the studio, what to my surprise did I see? My new Apple iMac 10.4.10 (YES!) already set up, in place of the Blueberry. I did notice the little guy sitting on the chaise lounge section, of my red microfiber sofa. Truth be told, the little old computer looked relieved. Thank you Blueberry and thank you Raspberry. They afforded me so many years, and hours of good service. They just couldn’t keep up with the new technology of 2007. My husband was delighted to have surprised me. Thanks Joe!

Bobby likes it too and we feel like kids at Christmas time. My sleek, thin, aluminum 20″ screen and fabulous keyboard is a dream. I will not need another computer for years and I am once again able to communicate with the world. What a smile I am wearing.


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5 responses to “Hello World!

  • whypaisley

    oh theresa i feel your joy… i am sooooo happy for you and so looking forward to hearing from you and lady laura!!!!!!

  • Theresa111

    Feel my joy, Paisley, because I am feeling it too!

  • Lynda Lehmann

    Congrats on your new artificial intelligence, Theresa. I can relate to how it feels to be without this dimension of cyberspaace in our lives, that we’ve grown so used to and dependent on. After all, we LOVE to talk in multiple venues!

    As a matter of fact, my hard drive is just about filled up, and it started ticking like a time bomb just this week. So I’ll have to face the process you just went through, in a matter of days.

    Kudos to your hubby for setting it up for you! That was so nice of him….

  • Daisy the Curly Cat

    Hooray for your new computer! And how nice of your husband to surprise you by setting it all up for you.

    Hi Bobby! ::waves paw::

  • thedomesticminx

    Oh I am so happy!!!
    So relieved!!
    There is nothing more strenuous and frustrating than a dicky piece of technology.
    I rejoice in the fabulous newness of your Mac!!
    I am anxiously awaiting the return to normal programming of Lady Laura!!!!


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