Bass Strings and Sunflowers

Sculpture of Man Playing Bass & My Original Painting, originally uploaded by Theresa111.

Art is an interpretation. Be it music, sculpture, painting, baking, quilting, writing and so many of the thousands of examples that surround us everyday.

Everyone is artistic in one way or another, although there are many who do not see themselves as an artist at all. They assume, incorrectly, if they go about their normal day, doing their job in the same mundane way as before, that they are just another person on this planet.

Since April of this year, I have been privileged to meet, view and interact with hundreds of my artistic counterparts. We share a love of expressions, words, photographs, memories, and celebrate a comradeship filled with a poignant joy.

What a thrill when someone sees what we have created and reacts to our post for that day. We touch one another deeply, but without physical connection. This whole interaction, in and of itself, is art.

This goes to prove that we are spiritual beings. Whenever we connect by airwaves and cyberspace we are sharing that of ourselves, which cannot be seen. We are in a place, whereby we can become one.

We have a strong voice when we join together, to ask the world around us to change. To become peaceful. To STOP THE ABUSE. By our combined art, perhaps we will reach those who will listen and change their ways. To treat others the way they would be treated.

(C) 2001 Theresa’s Original Art, All Rights Reserved, Do Not Copy

Sculpture by:

1990 BERNHAL (It was all I could make out)

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