Hail to The Blueberry!

For the past week, I have been in the worst place. Not being able to communicate with the world. Last Sunday, my 2000 (made in 1999 Raspberry iMac) computer’s screen elongated, flickered and crashed. Down it went into the abyss of computer damaged thoughts. I prayed lots and lots, to no avail. 😦

So, I am working on another (2000 Blueberry iMac) computer, which a friend lent to us. We were told, “If the screen starts looking funny or shaky, give it one good hard smack on the left side and it should be all right.” I wonder now, if that is all we really needed to do to my Raspberry iMac. The engineer believes we need a power supply. I am not a techkie.

I am just grateful that I am not stuck; without means of communicating! I am on my knees giving thanks. Take care, and should you not hear from me for a spell, it is only temporary. We are going to get a new Mac next month. Keep your fingers crossed that this little fellow holds out. Hail to the Blueberry! 🙂


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4 responses to “Hail to The Blueberry!

  • kittylittered

    argh! good that you’re back!!
    I don’t own a mac, but used one at work for several years. I love them.
    what kind of mac are you getting?!

  • Theresa111

    Hello there! In October, I am going to order a 2007, aluminum iMac, 20″ screen, 250 HD, 1 GB Ram, 2.4 pentium. The only reason I can spout this information is because I wrote it down.

    My Raspberry has been wonderful and I am sad she is on her back, with her feet in the air!

  • thedomesticminx

    Thank God you have resurfaced, darling Theresa!!!
    I didn’t know what to think and was ready to head over there, locked and loaded, ready to pluck you from the cruel hands of rebel insurgents if necessary.

    Ah, the computer crash. A most horrid turn of events at any time.
    I do sympathize.
    Thank God you’re back!!


  • Theresa111

    Yes, indeed Minx! I sorely missed visiting you and being cut off from my cyber world was excruciatingly hard. I wondered if I would be missed. You were wonderful to be at the ready and come to my aid. What a delightful find you are!


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