Would You?

11-NASA, originally uploaded by Theresa111.

If given the opportunity to go into outer space, would you? Personally, my first response is yes.

All my life, I have been intrigued by maps, globes, photographs of our planet and since 196o’s, man has really been able to see what our planet looks like. Most of us have see it through the eyes of the cameraman of the movie we are watching.  The telegraphic lens of Hubble and NASA photography.

For as long as I can remember, we have been invaded by aliens, martians and monsters. We have explored space via Star Trek, Star Wars and lots of science fiction thrillers.

But the question remains. Money aside, if you could go … would you?


4 thoughts on “Would You?

  1. hell no… i wont even go to san francisco and it is only an hour away… i don’t go anywhere really… i think i am a bit agoraphobic… but in a good way… i like to be home and i would not be comfortable anywhere i could not hitch hike home from if i felt a serious need to get the hell outta there!!!!!!

  2. This is an interesting question. I did a little research and found that there have been two cats launched into space. Felix was the very first cat in space, launched in 1963. He was a very brave astrocat.

    I would not like to go into space, because I think I would be too scairt.

  3. Daisy, That is interesting that Felix The Cat (one of my very favorite cartoon characters) was the first kitty in outer space. I think you are right and should stay home with your mommy and Pixie. I wouldn’t want you to ever be scairt!
    Do you ever read Mutts? That is my favorite cartoon!

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