The Bombe`

The Bombe`, originally uploaded by Theresa111.

One of the many things you learn in culinary school and specifically in pastry arts, is ice cream and the applications thereof.

Sometimes we would work in teams and since our class was the smallest, in the school’s history, we had two students to a team. Jessica and I prepared the ice cream, sponge cake and mousse. Then made glazing ganache`, baked delicate cookies and made a vanilla sauce for plating. But not in that order.

First we poured the mousse into a dome shaped silicone mold. Much like muffin tins made out of a rubbery feeling silicone. They can withstand sub 0º temperatures and can be used for baking up to 450º. But it is better to keep them separate and use one for freezing and one for baking.

The silicone mold should be placed inside a sheet pan for support. Once the mousse is poured half-way, transfer the mold to the freezer. After the mousse is set and your ice cream maker is finished it’s cycle, spoon the ice cream into the mold to the rim and wipe away any excess. Cut a round of sponge cake to cover the top and return the dessert to the freezer. Make sure the molds are level and not filled too overflowing.

Once frozen, turn out the number of molded desserts you need, onto a wire rack. Do not leave fingerprints on the dome shape. Warmed up (not hot) glazing ganche` is quickly ladled over the entire dome. This sets rapidly so be quick. Using two off-set spatulas, slide them one at a time and criss-cross them underneath the bottom of the bombe`. Carefully transfer the portions to the serving plates.

Garnish the plate with fresh raspberries, vanilla sauce and tuiles, thin fragile cookies. Voila. We had a good time preparing this dessert. A bombe` is a dessert which is frozen, inverted and glazed.

Photo March 2005.


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