Marzipan Rose Buds

My Marzipan Rose Buds, originally uploaded by Theresa111.

In the first few weeks of culinary school we students learned about a confection which tasted good and was so adaptable. Marzipan.  It’s a pretty cool ingredient to work with. As you can see it can be tinted with a tiny drop of food coloring to enhance whatever you are molding or covering, such as cakes and petite` fours.

These are different stages of a rose opening up. Familiar to all and to a novice it might seem incredibly hard to achieve. With practice as with most endeavors, it becomes much easier.

The gray container in this photograph is the inside top portion of an egg crate. We found them to be a very helpful tool in order to secure and support the delicate petals  of our flowers.  These take days to dry properly and they should be stored in a cool environment.  Do not refrigerate or it will chill and then when placed on a dessert,  will sweat and can lose its shape.  A cool dry place is best.

By examining these roses you can see that while they appear well done, they are in fact too thick, too heavy.These were some of my better first attempts.

After much practice, I finally got the hang of pressing out the marzipan thinner and my rose petals were more believable. The flowers on the wedding cake (June post) were also too heavy.

You can eat marzipan by itself, for those of you that do not know about this ingredient. Many French Chef’s mold tiny figures or fruits and sell for customer consumption or use them as display. I have seen many delightful creations.

Marzipan is make from almond paste and sugar. Please click on the link to see more photos and to learn of it’s history.

When I get around to buying some fresh marzipan or making it, I’ll do a step-by-step photo demonstration to use in a future post.


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