Cheese Souffle`

Cheese Souffle`, originally uploaded by Theresa111.

Cheese Souffle`

Prepare 1 1/2 to 2 quart mold beforehand by heavily buttering the bottom and sides and dusting with either flour or fine bread crumbs. Chill before using. The nutmeg is bitter against the sweet of the cheese…a perfect compliment.

1 1/2 oz butter (moderate heat)
1 1/2 oz flour
1 c hot milk
seasonings; salt, pepper, nutmeg, mustard

4 egg yolks
7 egg whites
3 oz grated Guyere`cheese

1) Heat the milk.
2) The thickening agent is the rue. Heat the butter and the flour, stirring constantly until you have achieved a blond rue.
3) Add the milk to the rue and blend together. Pour into a bowl and set aside to cool.
4) Enrich the mixture with the egg yolks but be careful not to cook the yolks.
5) Add seasonings.
6) Whip egg whites in mixer on highest speed about half way, or until softest peaks.
7) Add cheese to the egg and flour base.
8) Fold in light to heavy and heavy to light, whites to egg base.
9) Pan batter into the mold.

Bake 375º to 400º 25 to 30 minutes. NEVER OPEN THE OVEN DOOR! The souffle` will appear brown and caky on the top. If you tap the side there should be just the slightest jiggle.

Serve immediately. Using two large spoons open the souffle` in the middle at the top. Spoon from the side onto the serving dish and spoon out some sauce. A souffle` sauces itself.


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