“The Singing Norseman”

“The Singing Norseman”, originally uploaded by Theresa111.

I have always loved the idea of sculptures and the artist’s hands that create statues out of brass material such as this one, which must have taken time to mold and shape the brass and then painstakingly weld the tiny parts together.

This little character I christened The Singing Norseman. Look closely and you can see that his tiny mouth is shaped as if he is singing. Unless he is hooting a call to his troops, which I doubt. His rotund belly and the clothes he wears tells me the time period is anywhere from 500 A.D. to 1100 A. D..

I have read some books from that time line but I keep thinking the whole time I am reading how primitive it was back then. No plumbing, no electricity, having to wear the same clothes day in and day out. No antibiotics.

There is however the part of the book where I would be wondering when another tribe would attempt to take over the hero’s plot of land. The thing that would keep me reading would be the story was how the main characters would work things out between them in the end. That exciting and frustrating battle of the sexes.

Always there would be warring between the man and the woman. She wanted to be independent and he wanted to conquer her and keep her under his thumb. When the story was told with just the correct amount of innuendo and romance along with some love scenes then it was acceptable. One needed only to recall it was all right for a woman to be suppressed back then as the men had insufferable egos.

But this sweet little guy in the photo, I’m certain he was so jolly that he would have wanted to take to wife a woman he would cherish but also allow her to get her own way now and again.


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