I’m Still Hooked On Harry!

I wrote this story four months ago and have since been reading the chapters of Harry McFry Investigates. I eagerly visit the site to see when a new chapter will be posted. I have grown so fond of this character and keeping up with the unraveling mystery. Yesterday I read Chapter 134. I take a look-see every so often and when I get lucky I stop whatever it is I’m doing and absorb the words.

Please read my recollection of how I got involved with this evolving character and the wonderful man behind the book. Thomas is such a great guy, so gifted and kind. Four months later Thomas and I’m still reading your book.

Hooked on Harry McFry Investigates

About ten days ago I joined BlogCatalog.com this is a community whereby like minded writers from all places have added their blog and web sites.

Since this whole being a Blogger thingy is still pretty new, I kept exploring until I made friends, joined lots of neighborhoods, visited sites, read blogs, then gave and received reviews. I must say it has been very interesting, enjoyable and eye-opening. You can meet people from all over the world, even view where they live by their photos and videos.

This is the way I made the acquaintance of one fictitious character going by the name of Harry McFry. Apparently, I came in at the middle of the story for I found the author, had already written up to Chapter 86. There on the sideline was a link for all of the previous of the books chapters. Should I or shouldn’t I? Easy decision!

“The Case of The Missing Family” is an intriguing title so I decided to give it a go and thus began to read. The chapters were pretty short and I thought it shouldn’t take too long to catch up. Having been a great fan of “Spencer For Hire” and “Agatha Christy” books, I was interested to see if I would be able to help Harry solve his case.

When I reached Chapter 6 I felt hunger pangs and knew I needed my lunch. So, I fixed something quick and returned to read more. About an hour later, I decided to get some vanilla ice-cream. There was about a fourth of a half-gallon left in the tub, I grabbed a spoon to have a few bites, then sat down once more to read. I finished the ice cream. Oops.

Chapter 20 was a good place to dog ear the book and I had been so engrossed in the story I couldn’t believe how long I had been at it. This was good stuff!

The next day I returned to keep reading, noticing while I did that the author was a clever man indeed. These chapters were now about three times as long as the first ones. I had been roped in and tied up without noticing. I was clearly hooked on Harry McFry Investigates.

Needless to say, I kept at it, following the twists and turns until finally, I did catch up. Yesterday, I read Chapter 88 and the author promises more soon. He doesn’t realize what a good writer he is. I am just glad he is willing to share his talent with us. This is a first for me to be reading a mystery whilst it is being written. Absolutely a delightful experience.

If you like to read, I encourage you to drop in and see for yourself. Check out this bright new author, Thomas Hamburger, Jnr. at http://harrymcfryinvestigates.blogspot.com If you love solving mysteries, especially British ones, you cannot help getting hooked on Harry McFry Investigates. Cheers!

posted by Theresa H. Hall on May 13 12:19 PM
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