“The Fence” (C) 1999 A Different Perspective

“The Fence” (C) 1999 A Different Perspective, originally uploaded by Theresa111.

The Fence

When I photographed this yesterday, I had turned off the light after placing the painting on white paper towels. I changed the camera’s direction to a side-view and stood much closer.

It is almost as if I am walking on a sidewalk beside a slight hill boarding the fence with the grass and lovely flowers. Perhaps if I reach out my hand I will be able to traipse my fingers gently over the blades of taller bits of grass.

That’s the sort of thing I used to do all the time. As I grew older I tried to refrain from reaching out so often. Oh, I allowed myself to touch and feel but not as often. Yet as I think about it I notice that since I am usually in the car when I see things like this that I touch them with my mind.

Have you ever done this or practiced this exercise? Well first you would need a reference point, so go touch, smell, savor, study an object until you are completely familiar with it. I also do this with food.

Next look at the object but this time without coming into contact with it. Pretend you are touching it. Caress it. Transmit the sensory feelings from your brain down to your fingers and back. See … that wasn’t difficult.

Now do the same thing with this art work. Pretend you are on the sidewalk and mentally reach your hand to take in the physical aspects too. From now on you can take a new view on what you are looking at.

(C) 1999 Do not copy. All rights reserved.
Watercolor on 400# Paper


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