“Flowers” Watercolor On Paper

Flowers Watercolor On Paper Original Theresa H. Hall (C) 2004, originally uploaded by Theresa111.


This was inspired by artist Donna Dewberry, and after practicing her “One Stroke Painting” I painted this in perhaps ten to fifteen minutes. Naturally, I added my own touches to make it mine.

Reproducing flowers is not an easy task for most people. I needed some help and she came through on her video. This was an exercise practice but it turned out pretty well.

You should try it too.

Theresa’s Original Art
(C) circa 2004 All rights reserved. Do not copy


5 thoughts on ““Flowers” Watercolor On Paper

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    i am sorry about all the bs that must have been going on at your other site… since this is wordpress, you should be able to add akismet,, which i have found to be really helpful in filtering out spam… check it out….
    this site looks great tho.. i love the new posts and the new look!!!!!

  2. This kind of exercise is so important! It give you confidence and helps you loosen up your brushwork. My latest painting was done for that reason and because the colors blended in with my bedroom. Sadly, I’ve received only one comment on it thus far so it may have been all for me, and me alone.

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