“Ever Changing Sea”

“Ever Changing Sea” circa 1995, originally uploaded by Theresa111.

Acrylic on Canvas. Theresa’s Original Art.

This is indeed one of my favorite paintings. It hangs in the living room where there is a halogen light nearby. It has adjustable light switch. The differing lights against this canvas has intrigued me for hours and hours. The light seems to dance over the clouds and the water.

I always think about painting in a small sailboat way off in the distance. I just never get around to it.  But if I did add it in there would be a lone captain sailing out on this vast ocean.

There have been times I have fancied or wondered what the sailboat was doing so far from the shoreline and if it was bound somewhere or just lost and searching to find a way home.

(C) 1995 do not copy. All rights reserved.


5 thoughts on ““Ever Changing Sea”

  1. that is so cool theresa,, you thinking about the imaginary sailor and his craft… it reminds me of this movie where a little girl ends up inside a painting, in some old witchy womans house… ill have to look for that one,…. it was really interesting…..

  2. Absolutely beautiful painting~ How big is the painting? It looks great without a sailboat~ That’s my personal preference. You don’t want your tiny sailboat takes all the attention away from masterpiece, right? Maybe do a digital paint version with a sailboat.

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