Born Under A Lucky Star

My Parents, originally uploaded by Theresa111.


They reminded many of Nelson Eddie and Vivian Leigh. They worked hard, danced around the living room, laughed frequently and even had what my Father would call disagreements. But they always had time to dispense hugs and tons of tickles and kisses.

Both were good singers and each was united on taking us for Sunday drives in the station wagon. My Grandmother, Mama, lived with them their entire marriage and never once did my Father complain because she was so sweet she might possibly have been the meekest and most lovable woman to have walked this earth.

These people had a long-running story and I am so fortunate to have been a product of their love. What a lucky star I have. We never had much money but we never lacked for all of the necessary and important things. We were rich in time spent together and hold tight to the immense love we feel for one other.

Many people who were born wealthy, with worldly possessions, don’t usually get the rich parents to go with it as we.   Ours looked like movie stars, had hearts of gold and taught us all about life. They loved us fiercely and told we children how special and unique were were.  I am proud to be their daughter.

Every August 13th, I celebrate by giving thanks for being born their baby girl.  They are the reason I love my birthday. It is a constant reminder of the true wealth of their love.


8 thoughts on “Born Under A Lucky Star

  1. indeed you were,, born under lucky stars… yes plural,, as they both were… happy bday honey if i don’t talk to you before that….

  2. Cindy, Lovely to meet you. Yes, your Rosehaven Cottage is so very charming. Maybe one day I will go to the west coast again. My sister, melody is looking to move somewhere on the Oregon coast. We are on the east coast outside Washington, DC. Our parents were wonderful.

  3. Happy birfday!!

    I love your parents’ portrait. It looks timeless.

    I agree about your comment about wealth. I’ve met and heard about so many fabulously wealthy kids, and I feel bad for them in a way. They experience life so differently. The value of things is lost.

    Nice to read your thoughtful post this morning.

  4. Kittylittered … I hope that is true about being timeless … then I will see them again. What is hard is spending the remainder of my life knowing what I am missing, without their company. they had big personalities and were funny too. Thank you for the birthday wishes. Wonderful day.

  5. Happy Birthday darling Theresa!!

    You certainly were born under lucky stars!!
    Beautiful stars!
    Film stars!

    I wish you the happiest of birthday,
    as lovely and luminous as you
    darling girl

  6. Dear Theresa, what a wonderful background you have, not much wonder you have grown into such a talented woman and all round nice human being. Your parents were blessed. Happy belated birthday!

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