August Roses

August Roses, originally uploaded by Theresa111.


Here is a special bouquet from my rose bush. This plant has been producing wonderful flowers every year since it was planted in 1990. Because it grows so rapidly I must cut it down twice during the growing season. The bush flowers from late April until early December.

I always associate roses with my patron saint. Saint Therese` of The Child Jesus. Thousands claim she appeared to them all around the world at the time of her death. Her calling card … three roses.

My parents studied Catholicism right after they married. One night as my Mother was saying her prayers she was asking God to save my Father from having to go to war and to keep him stateside. She told us that she saw a faint golden glow near the doorway and a beautiful woman smiling at her.

The next day she told her Godmother, Gina claiming The Virgin Mary had appeared to her and she just knew that Stan wouldn’t have to fight in the war. She felt very comforted by this and went about her day.

A few days later my Father called and told her he was to be stationed in Michigan and would be there his entire stay in the service.

About a week later, her girlfriend was leafing through a book she had gotten from the church. My Mother pointed to a photograph and said “That’s her! The Virgin Mary appeared to me and Stan doesn’t have to go fight in the war.” Her friend said “Judy, this is a photograph of St. Therese`, not Mary.”  My Mother hadn’t ever heard of this Saint before that day.  Incredible!
This really impressed my Mother. So that night when she prayed she thanked Saint Theresa telling her she would devote her children to her. She got my two sisters to take Theresa as their confirmation name and she named me Theresa.

As usual My Mother kept her word and taught us about this beautiful lady and her devotion to The Child Jesus. She is known for doing little things, leaving three roses when she answers someone’s prayers and the love she has always shown my family.

Her photograph is on the window sill above my kitchen sink. A painting of her, on tin, in it’s original frame, hangs in our studio and the statue that belonged to Mother, which I inherited upon her death, stands next to my computer.

I know how much she was devoted to Our Lord and I keep her around to keep me in line. She was a very beautiful woman who at the age of three wanted to become a nun. She entered the convent when she was fifteen and died at twenty-three. Millions are devoted to this Saint and she does answer prayers. She does intercede on our behalf.


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